About scrnch

The idea of sewing scrunchies began with an annual girls’ reunion in the summer of 2018 in Vancouver.  All nine of us are scattered across Canada, the U.S. and Australia leading active lives and pursuing different career paths so I wanted to gift each one with something little to simplify her life.

A scrunchie seemed ideal because it is a simple hair accessory that is meant to go wherever you do. It gets rid of bed head, protects hair from breakage, and effortlessly cinches the hair up into a chic bun. 

It was my feeling that a scrunchie would create a soft and more classic look for work, while at the same time, add a touch of style and personality to compliment any outfit for work, the weekend and beyond.   Now, each time we wear or glance at our scrunchies on our wrists, it is the perfect reminder of our friendship near and far. Ladies, you know who you are! 

Let your personalities shine through in your daily lives with one of the many scrnches that this girl next door is creating just for you.